Work With Me


Just speaking the words can create a longing to visit the places they exist.

Exploring and learning about them will expand your insatiably curious mind.

Delicious cuisines will feed your body and majestic vistas will stir your soul. 

Nights spent nestled in opulent bedding will have you sleeping like royalty.

You'll be having fun with like-minded people, making personal connections & memories for life.

You'll return home even better than when you left. 

These are the vacations you crave.

Do You Want...

  • someone who cares about your experience, and can help you plan, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, 
  • to get the best value for the thousands of dollars you're spending, so you don't feel ripped-off, 
  • someone who doesn't judge, so you feel comfortable, 
  • peace of mind when traveling, the kind that comes from having assistance and support from an always-available-same-person-every-time expert,
  • someone to handle the logistics for you, and review them with you ahead of time, so you don't feel anxious, 
  • someone to make sure the company you’re traveling with is the right one and that they're sustainability-focused or giving back, so you feel good
  • a thank you gift or perk so you feel special?

Yes? Then Lets Get Started...

Contact me in the most convenient way for you. 

Phone, text, or email - they're all good. 

We have a conversation to find out what you want, I use my expertise & extensive network of all things travel to  find it for you, and book it so you don't have to lift a finger.

Well, except to pack, of course.  That's not a service I offer, not just yet, anyway. 

And just as a reminder- this service & expertise, saving you time, energy, expenses, and general pain in the buttness, costs you nothing extra

Whether you're looking for personal vacations, incentives and meetings, or group tours and cruises you'll be getting the best value for money and time spent.


First, we "meet".  Quotations are there because this can be done in ideally by Zoom so you can see the face of the real person you'll be working with, me but it can also be by text, by phone or by email. 

I work for YOU, so you're in the driver's seat with this one.

I'll ask you questions to get a good picture of just what you're looking for, not just the who, what, where, when and how, but more importantly the why and your visions for this cruise, trip or tour.  Both the word cruise and the word tours have U in the middle of them for a reason! 

Even for organization branding or fundraising cruises or tours, incentive or meeting travel, what you want, dream & desire matter since your team or your donors deserve the unique experiences only you can provide for them (that will keep them loyal and raving fans forever).

 It goes without saying for travel for the two of you, that these are the questions that will lead to the best memories. 


I'll  present you with options, and we'll work together to make any necessary tweaks to make sure everything is just as you want it. 

After that, I handle the booking for you. I partner with only the highest quality travel brands so your trips can be as unique and incredible as you are yourself. 

Using your credit card information (which you provide to me in a secure fashion),  I'll be the go-between "concierge"that makes the calls and sits on hold with the annoying AF call centers,  so you don't have to

But this is not the end of our transaction.


I am here for you all the way through your journey, before, during and after your travels. 

You'll be able to contact me via text, email, phone, apps or social media for any questions, for assistance, for support, or just for sharing your excitement of what you've seen, done or experienced each day.  I really do care and want to hear all about it. 

For many group trips, I will even be going along to ensure you continue to have the most relaxing experience possible.  

Finally, we get to the exclusive part- the thank you perk or gift.  Only travelers who book with a travel specialist get these goodies. 



Are you ready to go? Or just want to find out more?

Call or Text 407-314-5403