Fundraising Travel



Raise Money. Have Fun. Let Me Do the Work.

People are ruled by emotions and motivated by experiences.  Provide your donors with opportunities like group cruises or tours, providing exploration, indulgence and enjoyment with like-minded people and they're bonded to your organization for life. 

My Services Are Free To You

Raise thousands without overburdening your staff or board by letting us handle all the work.  A really easy way to make this happen is to charge donors a fee ($50-$500) for the opportunity to go on a cruise, preferably a luxury one so the price point is higher (which equal more money for your cause with fewer travelers needed), connect them with us, and I'll handle it from there. There's additional money to be raised from each stateroom or tour spot that we'll discuss when we meet. 

So How Does This Work?

  1. Just like with any other travel, the most important thing is finding out what you want, like, hope for, dream of, and more.  This is determined by meeting, and this can be done in person, by phone, by Zoom, by email, or whatever is most convenient for you. 
  2. Options are presented and they're tweaked until everything is in place and the contract is signed. 
  3. We can have a cruise or tour night presenting the amazing trip to your donors. You can also tell them about it at your gala or regular fundraising event. You'll get the information out to your donor database as well.  We'll create a landing page for the trip, and can also create its own Facebook group. 
  4.  When donors contact your organization, your staff member can take their " pay to go" donation, if you choose that option (this makes the trip more exclusive and collecting money up front means your organization gets funds even if this passenger ends up not traveling). Then transfer that donor's information to me.  A great way to do that is give me a voicemail that your receptionist can then transfer their call to (or forward me an email) and I take it from there, handling their travel arrangements. 
  5.  Donors (and your board/staff/whomever is traveling also) have a wonderful time together and the annual trip gets even larger and easier. 

Obviously, things will differ since every organization has their unique needs and concerns, but that's it in a nutshell.