Travel Can Really Suck…Unless You Do It Right

“Give me a person, damn it!!” That’s what I screamed into the phone, raising my blood pressure, fighting once again with the corporate call center’s frustrating-as-hell automation.

As far as I knew, this was how travel was handled now.  Gone were the days of the competent, caring travel agent, along with personal attention and customer service.

I procrastinated the planning, not knowing where to start.

I spent days reading sketchy reviews on multiple sites, trying to find the truth about the destinations we wanted to visit, the experiences we wanted to have, and which were the safe areas to stay in.

I booked online with trepidation. I volunteered for customer NO service from those call centers.

I felt alone.

It seemed no one but me cared about this once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-repeated trip we were taking.

You know, the one before the kids turned into full-blown, don’t-want-to spend-vacations-with-our-lame-parents teenagers.

I was a ball of anxiety from planning to return, anticipating what might go wrong next and knowing I had no one to turn to for help, no one who had my back while we traveled in foreign countries.

I didn’t like that feeling.

But we took that vacation and it was a good one

Just a few weeks after returning, childhood cancer hit our family.

My daughter was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor. One that kept returning.

She went through three years of hell-15 rounds of chemo, 9 surgeries, 2 bone marrow transplants and hundreds of nights in hospitals.

At the end of her battle, we took her Make-A-Wish trip.

Holy cow! What a difference a professionally planned trip made.

Not only was it tailored to her personal preferences, the arrangements were made by someone who not only knew what they were doing but also cared about how our experience was, AND who was available, by text even (!) to help us with any issues we ran into along the way!

I felt supported, I was worry-free, and all of us felt like VIPs.

I realized there was and is a better way to travel, and I was determined to bring it to the world as a very personal travel agent!

My job is to make you feel that same way.

Everyone deserves seamless, stress & disappointment-free travel tailored to their preferences and special interests.

None of us are getting any younger.

The mobility and other health issues that restrict international travel are happening earlier than ever.

We can no longer wait to travel the world.

River cruises and small group luxury or adventure tours make it easier, safer and more enjoyable than ever.

They feature the exclusive experiences you’re craving and the like-minded people you’re wanting to meet.

Making new friends is as easy as it was in college, since you’re all sharing the same experiences.

Contact me now to make sure you’ll have peace of mind on vacations and adventures tailored just for you.