The Magical Middle Seat

If you’re really really lucky, you’ll get one of these magical things on your international empty seat next to you (woohoo!).

This blessing brings so much to your life.
There’s a place for your bag so your feet actually have someplace to go under the seat in front of you, there’s a catch all for your sweater, your pillow, your blanket, your magazines, your snacks, and more that praise be!  is NOT your lap.
Let me share with you how I got this one.
If it's at all possible, I fly British Airways from Orlando to London when I go to Europe, for many reasons, and here's one that's in the top three (the other two involve food & bev).
I always pay extra to choose my seat when I fly because me in any seat but an aisle is panic attack city and NO ONE wants that. I check in on  British Airways within the first hour of my 24 check-in window and have the option to change our (hubby & I) seats.
I always choose the ones that are on the aisle, but each with one to three empty seats next to them, crossing my fingers that they will stay empty for the actual flights.
This time it worked!  Each of us had an empty seat next to us MCO-LGW,but we sat across the aisle from each other,  and then the best thing of all on the way back- we had the whole middle section to ourselves, so we had the magical middle seat between us- heaven!