Making History Come Alive – Churchill’s War Rooms in London

There is no substitute for actually visiting the places where history happened, and Churchill's War Rooms in London certainly bore that out.

I'm sharing just some of the photos I took, since this is definitely something you don't want to miss on your next visit to London.

There have been a few movies about Winston Churchill that have come out in the last few years and I certainly recommend watching them before visiting.  You won't get the whole story, but you'll get to know the man a little bit, and feel a thrill when you actually see things like his painting tools up close.

Since it is London, the rain was falling when we went to leave so we tucked back into the cafe that was situated about halfway through the site. We were so glad we did, since we had the best Shepherd's pie we'd found in London so far for lunch that day.

We definitely want to get you tickets to this amazing place in advance.  Just like about everyplace in Europe, the line to get in without a scheduled entry time and your ticket already in hand is one far too long to stand in.

Here are some bonus pic I took nearby....