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Have the time of your life without having to lift a finger or pay a penny extra

Travel With....

No Stress

Convenience, access, personal service and ease-that's what you get instead of weeks of research exhaustion (and that option overwhelm that often has you considering just staying home).

No Frustration

 You're not the one dealing with those faceless call centers, I am. You can practically just pack and show up (and I'll have your back all the way from planning until your return home). 

No Extra Fees

Each cruise & tour price includes commission for me to personally take care of you. (You give that personal service up booking any other way, even though you're still paying for it).

And No Guilt

There are cruise and tour lines which are more responsible, more ethical, and more sustainable and those are always going to be my first choice in what I present to you. We only get one lifetime to discover, learn & make as many memories as we can and only one planet to do it on, so we'll do the right thing as often as possible, making our travels helpful rather than hurtful to communities, wildlife and our environment.

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Is there anything that makes us happier than traveling? We get out of our comfort zone, literally...learning new things, having new experiences, making new friends, and returning home transformed - smarter, more creative, more confident and filled with the memories of a lifetime!

But does the thought of that travel have you feeling both excited AND overwhelmed?

It's no wonder. Google "England castle tour" and you get 78,800,000 results. The corporate sites are constantly begging you to give up the personal service you're paying for and settle instead for their frustrating call centers. You've good reason to be wondering where to even start to get the seamless and stress-free travels you desire (and deserve!).

"Why go to a machine when you can go to a human being?" - Ray Bradbury


I'm Stef Katz, a friendly "neighborhood" travel agent who works to ease travel stresses for my fellow culturally curious travelers. My daughter's Make-A-Wish trip showed me the difference between working with a caring and connected professional and the call center clerks my "DIY & hope for the best" self-bookings had gotten me. It's now my mission to bring you that same excellent experience!

Whether you were referred to me by a happy client or found me searching "best travel agent near me", let's discover if I'm the travel agent you're looking for....

What's Different Here? As My Client, You Are "CAPE"d, So You Get...


Care & Call Center Avoidance - You’ll be dealing only with me, the same, real live person every time. No automation, no hold times, and no having to prove you’re a client with a faceless clerk each time you have a question or request. You’ll never be just a number again. 


Access - Not only to real, same me (24/7 while traveling) but also to the world’s greatest treasures and unforgettable moments (and often exclusive promos). You’ll be traveling with exclusive experiences you may never find on your own (and you don't have to be on your own).


Personal Attention & Old School Service - I truly do care and want to hear about your travels, memories and dreams. There’ll be no annoying general newsletter cluttering up your inbox (and there’s always a thank you gift of some kind because I really do appreciate your business). 


Expertise and Ease - You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing I’ve been helping make clients dreams come true for years and I have the connections to get snafus resolved quickly. Practically all you’ll have to do is pack, show up and have the time of your life!

"The only source of knowledge is experience.” ― Albert Einstein

The Travel's Different Too. I Call It "Sociallectual" Travel, Which Means...

Your Heart Is Happy

Because it's engaging. You can meet new people, have new conversations and have fun. 


Your Mind is Expanded

Because it's intriguing. You can learn  about the destinations  and experience new things. 


Your Body is Thrilled

Because it's indulgent. The food & wine is delicious, service is impeccable and your rooms are opulent. 


Your Soul is Satisfied

Because it's unforgettable. You'll find exclusives, inclusions and even themed itineraries. 

Eiffel Tower

What Clients Have Had to Say...

"It has been a pleasure working with you. I love that you get the answers to all my questions, look at all the details for the trip and that I have you if there are any issues when on the trip. I'm looking forward to next time!!!" -Liz P.

"As you can imagine, we did have a fabulous time. We know what to expect on the Queen Mary 2, but even so, the Christmas and New Year's Celebrations were just fantastic. We appreciate all that you did for us, the arrangements were seamless." -Marion M.

"Awesome job setting up our trip Stef. I'm amazed at how much you did for us and we will surely use you again in the future. Thank you!" -Steve C.

If I Am the Travel Agent You're Looking For, Contact Me to Get Started...

Step 1

We'll Talk

It's your dreams, likes, interests, and tastes that matter. We'll set up a chat  however's most comfortable for you (zoom, phone, text or email usually), and I'll discover what you're looking for. 

Or for the ultimate in peace of mind, you can travel with me on Join Me Journeys (to come). 



Step 2

I'll Present & You'll Decide

We'll collaborate and tweak it to get it just right for you, (or your group of friends/family/fellow club members-group travel IS more fun). 

Then I make the arrangements, saving you time, stress & frustration. 


one side of the acropolis in athens, greece

Step 3

You'll Enjoy

Have the time of your life because every trip IS once-in-a-lifetime.

Meet new people, learn new things, have new experiences, make great memories, and return home a bit better.

It's as close as you can get to your own Make-A-Wish trip.  


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