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89% of Americans Get Stressed About Travel
You Don't Have to Be One of Them

Travel Well...For Good with Elevated experiences on River Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Expedition Cruises, Custom Trips, & Group Tours In the British Isles, Europe, the US & Canada


  • Travel planning on your own is time consuming and often disappointing.
  • Google "Italy foodie cruise" and almost 1.3 million search results come up- whew! Who has the time to sort through those?
  • And with your other booking options, for any help or support, you're just a number at a frustrating call center - who wants that?  
  • With as much as you care about people, animals and the planet, you want to at least know about the more responsible and sustainable options out there.

You deserve real help & support from a real person. 



  • The travel industry's unique. 
  • Between the online sites with their too good to be true"deals" (that stateroom under the 24 hour kitchen might have been okay back in your twenties, but certainly not now), and the MLMers masquerading as real travel agents, horror stories and distrust abound.
  • I know you want to have elevated, enriching & exclusive experiences, to get any perks and promos available, and to experience the personal attention and service you're paying for (the cruise & tour lines pay travel agents commission to provide you that personal service so they don't have to- hence those anonymous call centers). 

Really, we travel agents are the one exception to the old " if it sounds too good to be true, it is" rule. 



So how do you know I'm the real deal...the good, old-fashioned travel agent who knows what she's doing, who can help ease your anxieties & who'll have your back so you can travel with unparalleled peace of mind?

Well you can...

  1. "Meet" me via one of the videos below...
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and then contact me as soon as you're ready to get started. 

Meet me here:

If you'd rather hear me sing about it (I'm completely tone deaf!) watch this: 

"Why go to a machine when you can go to a human being?" - Ray Bradbury

What's In It For You If You Work With Me?

You'll Have a Better Experience

  • Imagine being matched to a customized vacation (without you having to lift a finger) based on your special interests (history? reading? Scotch? learning?) and preferences (cozy bed & breakfasts - the real " owner cooks you food" ones all the way to castle stays, & chartered yachts to learning-focused expedition cruises are all options).   
  • Especially if you're bringing a group, you don't need the one to be doing all the work - I make it easy peasy for you.
  • We'll work together to get it just right because I'm not just an impersonal vacation vending machine. 

You Won't Be Stressed

  • I had to call my cell phone company's call center the other day.
  • My blood pressure rose as I screamed "give me a person $%&*" for a good 20 minutes.
  • That tortuous automation and customer " no" service are what your other booking options come with. No one deserves that!
  • Here, you get real, live ME to work with, from planning to return, for any assistance or support you may need. I'll set everything up and go over it with you to help ease any anxieties and as the one handling the nitty-gritty, I'll do my best to make sure your trips aren't shitty.

AND YOU'LL TRAVEL FEELING GOOD, because a portion of the proceeds I receive will go to one of the 5 amazing childhood cancer organizations who helped us during my daughter's battle.

Questions? Concerns? Ready to Get Started? I Can't Wait to Hear From you!


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