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You're ready to travel again but like 89% of Americans, you're probably feeling a bit stressed, and overwhelmed with all the options...

Where do you even start to get what you want? 


You've Gotten Better and So Has Travel


Back in the day, we had large bus tours, with little or no escape from your traveling partners (hello frustration!), self-drives with little relaxation, and large cruise ships (hello lines!) with thousands of your "closest friends".

Now there are these wonderful small group tours, delightful rail vacations and amazing river cruises, small ocean cruises and exciting expedition cruises that take you not only TO the countries that call to you, but also through them. 

You'll sail smack dab into the center of Europe's fairy-tale villages or centuries of US history and get closer than you can ever be to nature (and her cutest critters) from pole to pole.

You get the ease of:

  • unpacking once
  • having a designated driver
  • spending fascinating days exploring and discovering
  • and evenings spent dining, laughing and dancing with like-minded  friends. 

BONUS-with your comfy stateroom always along with you, you can have a nap, take a break from "peopling", or just get closer to your spouse... any time the mood strikes. 

Really there's nothing like it!

Travel With Great Peace of Mind so You Have No " Why Didn't I ?" Regrets


Just imagine...it's immersion with ease,  authenticity in comfort, and the historians, scientists and other experts on board (or on tour) will blow your mind (with our favorite...more knowledge!). 

So how do you decide which are the ones right for you...and for the groups of friends & family you travel with (realizing significant savings on your own travel as a group leader)?  

That's what I'm here for...

I'm Stef Katz, founder of The Travel Superhero, and I'm here to help you. My daughter's Make-A-Wish trip showed me how much better working with a real, live person, (rather than the cold anonymous call centers online booking got me), could be! Now, my mission is to give you and your groups that same stress-free peace of mind while you make unforgettable memories on spectacular, life-changing cruises, trips and tours. I do all the work , you have all the fun, and my services cost you not a penny extra.

"Why go to a machine when you can go to a human being?" - Ray Bradbury

So What's In It For You If You Work With Me?

Optimize Time

  • Google " Italy cruises" and a whopping 1,350,000 search results are returned - whew! 
  • Imagine sorting through all those!
  • Now imagine, instead, being matched to a customized vacation (without you having to lift a finger) , by someone who finds out what you're looking for, what your personal interests and preferences are, and who does the heavy lifting for you (sooo important if you're bringing a group).
  • We'll work together to get it just right because I'm not just an impersonal vacation vending machine like the online sites are. 

Expertise You Need

  • No where is the old adage " you get what you pay for" truer than in travel,  so I don't waste your time with those  too good to be true "great deals" that come with rooms- overlooking- the-stinky-dumpster" or staterooms under the" 24-hour-so-you-can't-sleep-kitchen" disappointments.
  • I maximize your value and give you what you can't get anywhere else, at the elevated level you deserve.
  • Every price you see has a TA's commission for helping you figured into it- shouldn't you get what you're paying for? 

Peace of Mind

  • I had to call my cell phone company's call center the other day.
  • My blood pressure rose as I screamed "give me a person $%&*" for a good 20 minutes.
  • That tortuous automation and customer " no" service are what your other booking options come with. No one deserves that!
  • Here, you get real, live ME to work with, from planning to return, for any assistance or support you may need. I'll set everything up and go over it with you to help ease any anxieties and as the one handling the nitty-gritty, I'll do my best to make sure your trips aren't shitty.

AND TRAVEL YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT, because a portion of the proceeds I receive (from the suppliers-never you, my services cost you nothing extra) will go to one of the 5 amazing childhood cancer organizations who helped us during my daughter's battle.

I've Got Your Back So All You Have To Do Is Pack - The Travel Superhero

woman superhero

**Also Meeting Clients by Appointment at Starter Studio Downtown Orlando**

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"Awesome job setting up our trip Stef. I'm amazed at how much you did for us and we will surely use you again in the future. Thank you!"

Steve C. , Satisfied Client

"As you can imagine, we did have a fabulous time. We know what to expect on the Queen Mary 2, but even so, the Christmas and New Year's Celebrations were just fantastic. We appreciate all that you did for us, the arrangements were seamless."

Marion M. , Satisfied Client

"THANK U for all your hard work. You are my travel agent FOREVER!"

Cindy B. , Satisfied Client

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