Get the elevated and enriching travel you really want...without having to lift a finger or pay a penny extra

Yes, you can travel...

With No Stress

You'll be able to practically just pack and show up. I do all the work and I have your back all along the way. 

With No Frustration

Ugh, those corporate call centers -they're the bane of the travel industry! I'm the one on hold with them for hours- not you. 

And With No Fee

The cruise & tour lines pay me commission to provide you personal attention and service. I charge nothing extra. 

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Travel planning can be so overwhelming.

There are so many options, and the ones easy to find online aren't necessarily the ones you want. 

You want the ones that are right for you.  

The ones that take into account your special interests, your preferences, your dreams, your desires.  The ones that are more elevated, more enriching,  more indulgent, and more ethical. 

So where do you turn to find them?

You have three options:

  • your travel agent
  • the cruise or tour line
  • third party corporate sites.  

And only one gives you the same, real, travel professional to work with - to help relieve your stress and anxieties all along the way, from planning to return home (the others just give you anonymous call centers). 

How to decide which is right for you? Ask yourself...


  • Who do I want assisting me, supporting me and even advocating for me, if needed, in this new (and far more chaotic) travel era? 
  • Would I rather have a real human travel expert who cares about me and my trip answer my calls, texts and emails or rely on automated systems, bots and random clerks at corporate call centers? 
  • Do I enjoy being treated like a valued client or do I prefer being just a number?
  • Do I want to work with someone who understands that I get nervous, who encourages me to contact them when I do, and who doesn't judge me for it?

The choice is yours. There is a way to travel better. And be happier. 

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I'm Stef Katz, an old-school, customer service & satisfaction focused travel agent who works to ease travel stresses for my fellow  introverts, intellectuals and indoor enthusiasts.

I know those anxieties and "what if" thoughts that can have us just staying home or choosing mediocre cruises and tours because we don't know where to find the better experiences or who to collaborate with to get them.

I've been there, felt that. 

It was my daughter's Make-A-Wish trip that showed me how worry-free and enjoyable the whole travel experience could be, giving me a caring and connected professional who did all the work and was there to fall back on rather than my old "DIY & hope for the best" method that came with lots of frustration and random call center clerks. 

It's been my mission since 2016 to bring my clients that same peace of mind.

"Why go to a machine when you can go to a human being?" - Ray Bradbury

When you work with me, you get CAPE'd...


Care & Call Center Avoidance 

  • You'll deal with the same, real person, me every time.
  • No automation.
  • No hold times.
  • No  having to prove you’re a client.
  • You don't have to be just a number again. 


Access & Anxiety Reduction 

  • I'm available via text and phone 24/7 to you while traveling.
  • Your options won't be limited to only internet search results.
  • You don't have to be just on your own again. 


Personal Attention & Old School Service 

  • There’ll be no annoying general newsletter cluttering up your inbox, just real communication.
  • And always a thank you gift of some kind because I really do appreciate your business. 


Ease & Expertise

  • You’ll have peace of mind of knowing I’ve been helping make  dreams come true since 2016 and I have the connections to get any snafus resolved.
  • Practically all you’ll have to think about is packing and enjoying! 

And the Cruises, Trips & Tours You'll Find Here Are...

More Engaging

Because  they're  social - with new connections, conversations and fun to be had.


More Enriching

Because they're experiential - with new things to learn and experiences to have. 


More Indulgent

Because they're  elevated - with delicious foods, impeccable service & opulent rooms. 


More Ethical

Because they're  more responsible - helpful rather than harmful to communities, animals and nature. 

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"The only source of knowledge is experience.” ― Albert Einstein

My Clients Have Had the Time of Their Life...

"It has been a pleasure working with you. I love that you get the answers to all my questions, look at all the details for the trip and that I have you if there are any issues when on the trip. I'm looking forward to next time!!!" -Liz P.

"As you can imagine, we did have a fabulous time. We know what to expect on the Queen Mary 2, but even so, the Christmas and New Year's Celebrations were just fantastic. We appreciate all that you did for us, the arrangements were seamless." -Marion M.

"Awesome job setting up our trip Stef. I'm amazed at how much you did for us and we will surely use you again in the future. Thank you!" -Steve C.

Three Steps to the Travel You'll Never Forget

Step 1

We Consult

We'll set up a chat (via zoom, phone, text or email usually), to find out what you're looking for. 

Or for the ultimate in peace of mind, you can travel with me on Join Me Journeys (to come). 



Step 2

I Work

We'll collaborate and tweak the plan to get it just right for you, (or your group - it's more fun to bring the gang along). 

Then I make the arrangements, saving you time, stress & frustration. 


one side of the acropolis in athens, greece

Step 3

You Enjoy

Have the time of your life, learning and luxuriating, returning home with more knowledge, more connections and amazing memories.  

Every trip truly IS once-in-a-lifetime, .



I'm just a few clicks away and I can't wait to hear from you!

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