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"Why go to a machine when you can go to a human being?" - Ray Bradbury

Not only do you have to decide where you want to go, what you want to do, how you want to do it...then you've got to decide where to book it.

You may be fearing feeling ripped off, or be afraid of making a wrong choice, or missing out on something spectacular. Maybe you feel like you just don't know where to turn. Been there, felt that.

Do you choose to work with a caring & connected real travel agent, getting all the assistance, advice, support, convenience, perks, ease, anxiety-reduction, peace of mind and advocacy we provide (really, we're the best thing since sliced bread) or do you give all that up and book yourself with an uncaring call center, bot or corporate website?

BAM - The Travel Superhero to the rescue already! Here are two questions that should help you.

Ask yourself...

1) How do I want to be treated - anonymously as just a reservation number or personally, as a valued client? and 2) Who do I want to have my back, especially while traveling or when issues arise-a real person who knows me and my trip and has industry connections to help out, or a 1-800 number?

The quandries you're experiencing are what everyone does at this stage. You can get more information to help you make your decision in my e-book below or

If you decide you DO want the caring and connected travel professional, you're in the right place! My superpower is taking you from that overwhelm to overseas, easing travel stress for my curious and conscientious guests as they enjoy sociallectual cruises and tours that are...


with the opportunity to create lifelong friendships while creating lifelong memories, so you return home happier.



with new things to learn and experience, satisfying your curiosity and increasing your creativity, so you return home smarter.



with elevated food and drink, exemplary service and opulent bedding for your comfort, so you return home more relaxed.



since you're traveling with the lines that prioritize sustainability you return home knowing your travel was a force for good.

" And I'm like yeah – it's called a travel agent. Just call one up! I think the idea of having someone on your side who is an advocate for you, who cares about you, who understands what makes you, you, and what type of travel you want to have is just absolutely invaluable.?" - Samantha Brown

Hello! I'm Stef Katz

My daughter's Make-A-Wish trip showed me how much more relaxed and secure I could feel, working with a travel professional and since 2016, it's been my mission to bring those same feelings to my guests. 

Im really more than just your travel agent, I'm 

  • your MATCHMAKER-finding the elevated cruises & tours you want, without you having to spend weeks researching
  • your CONCIERGE - providing tips and perks while handling the logistics of your travels for you, and even
  • your TRAVEL COACH-being there from planning all the way home, providing support, advice and advocacy and answering all your questions

all rolled into one!



You'll find some things different here from some of your other options...

  •  1)  You're treated as a valued client, not just a number as you are with the online travel agencies. You have the convenience of contacting me how YOU prefer - text, call, email, messenger, etc. and I'm available 24/7 to you when you're traveling.
  • 2) You're not limited to only certain suppliers like you are with the MLM and some storefront travel agents. I'm an independent agent of a good old-fashioned, full-service agency who does millions with the cruise and tour lines. No matter how luxe you want your travels, I can make it happen. (I do reward you though for choosing the more sustainable lines with special thank you perks). 
  • 3) I don't make you fill out lengthy forms, preferring more personal communication, especially when we're discussing your very important travel dreams.
  • 4) I don't put you on yet another annoying email marketing list. The only emails you'll get from me will pertain to your travels and the occasional announcement about "Travel With Me" cruising and touring opportunities. You won't get "just what everyone else gets". 
  •  5) I don't charge you fees. The river, expedition, luxury and tour lines all pay me commission to provide you the personal service their call centers can't - there's no reason for me to charge you more. (Having said that, I don't handle the vacation options that don't warrant a place at the sustainable travel table like mass market cruises and all-inclusive resorts.) 

How Does This Work? Step by Step...

We Collaborate

As soon as you contact me, we'll set up a Zoom (you don't have to have your camera on unless you want to), or call so we can talk about what you're wanting and dreaming of OR you can peruse through some suggestions below (under construction).  ( I'll send you an email so you can enter your traveling party's names, DOB's, passport information, etc. so I can hold space and accurately quote.) This is the matchmaking part...

I'll Get To Work

Next I become a concierge, finding just what you're looking for... We'll "meet" again - by zoom, call, email or text and we'll work together to tweak the pieces and parts so you're happy. Then we'll get you booked. (I'll send an email from my system for you to authorize your deposit payment (I never have any of your money - I just call your payment into the line so you don't have to be the one on hold), and sign off on having read and accepted both my and the line's terms and conditions. )

Pageantry and military honors reminded me of Westminster Abbey.

Now You Experience the Difference

I'm at your disposal, sort of like a coach now, answering questions, providing information, and being available to confer on or discuss anything you'd like  (it's been shown that travel anxiety peaks about a week out from departure - it often helps to go over the itinerary again to give you back some peace of mind). You don't get this with any of your other booking options.


You Travel...Indulging and Enjoying

Unlike your other booking options, I'm still here, caring and helping you out if needed, with anything in my power to help with (with today's chaotic air travel situation, it's best if you are a direct customer of any airlines involved). And I can't wait to hear all about your cruise, trip or tour!

Testimonials from Happy Clients

"It has been a pleasure working with you. I love that you get the answers to all my questions, look at all the details for the trip and that I have you if there are any issues when on the trip. I'm looking forward to next time!!!" -Liz P.

"As you can imagine, we did have a fabulous time. We know what to expect on the Queen Mary 2, but even so, the Christmas and New Year's Celebrations were just fantastic. We appreciate all that you did for us, the arrangements were seamless." -Marion M.

"Awesome job setting up our trip Stef. I'm amazed at how much you did for us and we will surely use you again in the future. Thank you!" -Steve C.

The Brands Knows for Their Quality, Service & Sustainability Practices That I Reward You for Traveling With...


"The only source of knowledge is experience.” ― Albert Einstein


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