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Kudos to you for wanting to work with a caring & connected travel agent instead of the random call center clerks of your other booking options!

Let's find out if I'm the travel agent you're looking for...

Are you looking to Explore, inquire & indulge on experiential small ship cruises, yachts and high-end tours while making a positive impact on the community, wildlife and environment of the destinations you're interested in? 


"The only source of knowledge is experience.” ― Albert Einstein

You Won't Know Unless You Go, But...

Travel planning can be overwhelming.

There are far too many boring vacations out there.

Who wants to just lie on a beach for a week when there are treasure-laden museums, castles & cathedrals to explore?

And sure, you can drag your bags yourself, up and down Europe's cobbled uneven streets, packing and unpacking each day, but that's what your twenties were for.

You deserve the royal treatment, with personalized service now...right from the very start.

Speaking of the start, it's often hard to even know where to, what with the 

  • hundreds of itineraries
  • thousands of destinations (49,021 towns in the UK alone* source
  • dozens of high-end lines to cruise, yacht & tour with.

And if this pandemic has taught us nothing else... life is too short to deal with the frustrating call centers that you get with your other booking options.. 

How About I make it easy for you?

In today's automated, " no service" world, it almost feels revolutionary-working with only one real person so you travel with peace of mind, with your only worry being how to get that suit of armor, that vintage Jameson or that first edition Jane Austen home (and even that can  be arranged). 

Basically, all you have to do is pack and show up

The cruise lines pay me commission to provide you with this personal service so they don't have to - hence those annoying, automated call centers. 

I was in tears just the other day trying to get through to a real person when I was trying to get our internet connection fixed.  

I'm so glad you don't have to feel that frustration! 

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.” ― Samuel Johnson


I'm Stef, a fellow insatiably-curious history buff and raging anglophile who enjoys being treated like a queen as much as she enjoys reading about them herself. 

I understand your desire to being immersed in history and nature rich destinations, where you'll  learn something new each day. I know the joy of  sharing those experiences with like-minded people (bring your own group and I may even go along to ensure smooth sailing). 

 I partner with and am certified by only certain companies- the ones where knowledge is shared by experts and where exclusive, enriching experiences often exist  for their guests. 

They're also the more environmentally responsible ones. As I've been making my clients dreams come true over the years, I've seen that the best vacations are the ones that are not only good for you, but also good for others, wildlife and the planet. 

I'm not just a vacation vending machine with random, uncaring clerks to fall back on- I truly care about you and your experience, and I'll be there for help and support, all the way from the planning stage to your return home. 

Would You Like to Know More About Me or Know What Clients Have to Say?

"Why go to a machine when you can go to a human being?" - Ray Bradbury

So How Does This Work?

We talk-however's convenient for you - phone, text, email, messenger, Zoom, or even in person if you're in the Orlando area. 

You let me know what you're looking for.  A barge cruise on the Shannon in Ireland? A chartered yacht in the Greek Isles?  I use my expertise and connections to find it for you. 

I present the itinerary to you. After any tweaks and your approval, all the arrangements are made for you. 

Bringing a group? (discover more perks here). 

We'll go over all the details, and I'll be reachable for help and support so you'll be worry and frustration-free. 

You (and your friends? family? alumni club? fellow War of the Roses buffs?) enjoy fun, food and fascination in

  • the British Isles
  • North America
  • &  Europe

visiting castles with no hassles. 

You'll be exploring, discovering, learning, and making the memories of a lifetime.

...and my personalized service doesn't cost you a penny extra.

"I Read. I Travel. I Become." - Sir Derek Walcott

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