Incentive & Meeting Groups

camel riding
river cruising

Our services are free to you

Whether you're chartering a yacht for your team, putting your group on a cruise ship so you have a captive audience for trainng, or exploring the vineyards that stock your restaurant's wine cellar with your best clients, we do all the legwork, and get you just what you want.

Stock Prices are Positively Correlated to engaged Employees

US businesses using non-cash rewards rose from 26% in 1996 to 84% in 2016.  Why? Because they work.  Today's employees are motivated by experiences that touch them emotionally and nothing touches a human being like travel. Positive emotions, especially when they're experienced with others on the same team bring bonding, loyalty and motivation, and your bottom line benefits from them all. Whether it be a celebration or a trip to do good elsewhere in the world, we can handle anything you want to throw at us.  We look forward to the opportunity!

So How Does this Work?

  1. Just like with any other travel, the most important thing is finding out what you want, like, hope for, dream of, and more.  This is determined by meeting, and this can be done in person, by phone, by Skype, by email, or whatever is most convenient for you. 
  2. Options are presented and they're tweaked until everything is in place and the contract is signed. 
  3. We can make any presentations to your team that you like, and we're always available for answering your questions, providing information and easing your concerns. 
  4.  Your team travels and has an amazing time. 
  5.  Everyone's happy and your business soars. 


Obviously, things will differ since every organization has their unique needs and concerns, but that's it in a nutshell.