Your people, whether they're your family, your friends, your followers, your readers, your listeners, your donors or your fans, want to travel with you.  They want to connect with you, personally.

Traveling together bonds people together like no other activity out there. 

  • Share experiences.
  • Share meals.
  • Laugh together.
  • Have fun.
  • Make memories. 
  • Build Community.

There's great personal benefit being the group leader for these cruises or tours - number one, there may be opportunities to get your travel discounted as the group leader, and number two, being the one to customize the experience for the group. 

For a personality, a business owner, or a nonprofit, group travel can translate into loyalty and ultimately more fans, more business and more money for your cause. 

For a family or group of friends, it translates into fun, closeness and memories you can't find anywhere else. 

Group's all good. 

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1. Pick your Desired Vacation

As group leader, you get to choose the cruise, trip or tour you'd like to experience.  Charter a yacht and island hop in Greece, take your readers to your novel's setting or as a musician, hold VIP intimate performances for your fans on a ship, relaxing sumptuously the rest of the time. 

2. Spread the Word

Invite your family, your friends, your club members, your donors, your readers, your followers, your fans- whoever you want to bond with or build loyalty with.  In today's world, we're all craving  connections more than ever. Traveling together makes and strengthens them like nothing else! 

3. Reap the Rewards

The more spots that get taken - staterooms filled on cruise ships, or spots taken on a tour or retreat, the more flexibility you have with your benefits. Many group leaders choose discounts for their own travel, others donations to nonprofits, causes or charities- it's all good! 

It All Started On a Cruise Ship...

You all know about those huge group cruises, the ones that sell out every year.

Some start with a musician or a band bringing fans performing on a cruise ship, and advertising to get their fans to come along.  Why do you think they do that? 

While the musician or band are having a much needed vacation (for most of the cruise), fans are getting exclusive swag and VIP inclusions, access unheard of on land, memories never forgotten, and shared experiences, that the group member clamor for again the next year, and the one after that...

Here's the story of one of those bands.

They started out with a small group of fans on a group cruise where the band played a couple of exclusive performances.

They also held a Q&A session with the fans, they had one dinner with their fans, and one cocktail party where they signed autographs and took photos with their fans. 

The rest of the time the band members had rest and relaxation like they hadn't had since they started their band. 

But they gave their fans access and experiences they could ONLY have on this group cruise.

What do you think happened after that? What did those fans who had the time of their life do for that band? 

Yep, they spread the word. More people joined the group the next year. They became raving fans. 

There were more people listening to the band, more people buying their songs, buying their merchandise, more exposure, more fans, and more fun for everyone. 

This can happen to you as a musician, as an author, as a coach, a consultant, a nonprofit, or any other personality that wants fans, followers, donors, or clients. 

Give them what they want.