The Travel Superhero Unmasked

I'm Stef, the not-so-secret founder of the Travel Superhero.

My superpowers include easing travel anxiety, tracking down the cruises, tours, and trips that delight my clients, and managing any unforeseen plot twists along the way.

Your travel plans are safe with me!  I make sure that you get every perk and promo that’s available to you on your trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s a cruise taking you down the Thames, yachting in Alaska or a group adventure taking in ancient sites in Rome (or anything else you can come up with - there's really nothing we can't make happen in this amazing industry of fun & memories!). 

My daughter was diagnosed with childhood cancer at age 12.

 That’s when everything changed. 

Did you know the not traveling is one of many dying people’s greatest regrets?

Did you know that out of the 14,000 Make-A-Wishes granted each year, 10,000 are trips? 

My daughter chose one, back to England, and that trip not only shone like a beacon of hope at the end of some really hellacious suffering (just the knowledge that you have a vacation booked is scientifically proven to positively impact your mental health) , it also changed the trajectory of my own life. 

One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now.     - Paulo Coelho

This is one of my favorite quotes and my daughter’s battle made me realize that anything can change for any one of us in a blink of an eye.

Because I had, of course, lost my corporate director position when she was sick, and since no one hires an executive woman over 50 as anything except a glorified secretary, when it was time to go into business for myself, I chose to use all of my knowledge & experience in customer service & satisfaction to pursue my childhood dream of helping other’s dreams come true as their travel agent.

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal- Have All the Fun, Friends, Food & Fascination You Can Handle...and Then Some

Yes, I put myself into the industry of fun, discovery and memories after getting my fill of fear, hopelessness and sadness during my years in the childhood cancer world. 

 I started over. 

(What this means for you: Most of our friends drifted way since they didn’t know hat to say or do, so I know what it’s like to crave connections- to like-minded people and to places. River cruises, small to mid-size ocean vessels and group tours all make finding them easy.

Whether you’re bringing your own group with you to strengthen connections, or pursuing connections with new friends, conversations start on group tours, river cruises, and other  small to mid-sized  yachts and ships as easily as they did back in college…”where are you from?”, “have you toured with Tauck before?”, “what made you choose this National Geographic itinerary?”,  “can you believe there are 20 restaurants rather than a main dining room on this Virgin Voyage?” and so on.

There’s always something to talk about, something to do, and something to reminisce about.)

The Words "Tours" & "Cruise" Have "U" In The Middle of Them For A Reason

I discovered that the freedom of entrepreneurship also gave me the freedom to be myself. 

I had fallen in love back on May 25, 1977 with a galaxy far, far away, but since back in the day, being a geek, especially a girl one was just a pathway to more bullying, I buried my interests and passions deeply so others would like me, until Star Wars Celebration came to town in 2017. 

I realized I wasn’t defective (when you’re shy & socially anxious as I was, it’s certainly easy to feel that way!) I was just a geek, and I now let my flag fly!

(What this means for you: I know just how important your interests, passions and personal preferences are to you (because I know how important mine are to me) so I make sure to match you with the experience of your dreams, and I don’t judge you for what the are. 

In fact, once I know them, I go out of my way  researching so you don’t miss anything connected to them in your destinations.

Whether your passion is golf, wine, food, Game of Thrones, Napoleonic battlefields, gardens, castles important during the War of the Roses, or any other theme, I’ll bet I can find something for you that’s a “can’t miss”. )

I can make planning your adventures so easy and seamless that all you'll have to do is pack and show up.

One More Superpower I Should Mention

The power of availability. Once you’ve headed off on your trip, I'm  on-call if you need me 24/7. 

And when I say available, I don’t mean that we have an anonymous call center or tortuous and automated message service like you get with your other booking options.

I mean, you’ll get a real human being - live! Who knows you! And cares about your trip! 

Travel Well. Make Memories. Do Good.

So there you have it. Like you, I love travel, especially when it’s immersive but easy, authentic but comfortable, and on ships/yachts & tours where I’m treated like royalty. 

It’s even better when it’s when companies that give back, helping people, animals and the environment. 

Speaking of giving back, your travels also help other kids diagnosed with childhood cancer since I’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds to St. Jude (without whose research my daughter wouldn’t be alive), Make-a Wish (who gave my daughter those incredible experiences to look forward to making her pain and suffering (which no one should have to experience, especially babies, kids & teens) a bit more bearable), Base Camp (who works hard making sick kids smile through their tortuous treatments and celebrated milestones along the way), Kids Beating Cancer (whose events brighten the kids’ day and whose donations to Florida Hospital made our multitude of stays there as pleasant as nights in hospitals can be) and to Runway to Hope (who raises over a million dollars each year for childhood cancer research and who gives the kids an awesome opportunity to shine as the stars they are). 

My kids are grown now so I only have you, my dear clients to take care of and delight and I can’t wait to get started helping you plan your next adventure!